Factors that Influence the Success of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is commonly referred to as teeth bleaching. This is the process of restoring discolored teeth which are often yellow, to their original white color. The procedure will enhance an individual’s smile because white teeth are critical to a healthy smile. This process is highly effective as it minimizes discoloration on the teeth hence improving their appearance. Individuals who intend on undergoing this procedure should, however, keep in mind that some factors may influence the success of teeth whitening. This article articulates some of them.

The Original Color of your Teeth

teethThe original color of your teeth will ultimately contribute significantly to the final shade of your teeth. People who have grey teeth mostly due to antibiotics or a brown color because of being exposed to fluoride may respond poorly to the teeth whitening treatment. The treatment will not be the same to those who have yellow teeth. Therefore, they have to go through some procedures to achieve the desired shade of teeth.

Lifestyle Habits

Individuals should keep in mind that their habits after the treatment will significantly determine the longevity of the procedure. You should avoid substances that will stain your teeth, for instance, tobacco or coffee. These substances will stain the surface of your teeth, and the treatment will not be sufficient. Other dark drinks like wine, tea and sodas should also be avoided.

The Condition of Your Teeth

The condition of your teeth before the treatment will also determine the effectiveness of the procedure. Cavities or even the build-up of plaque may make the treatment less effective. Therefore, before undergoing the treatment, have your teeth cleaned by an expert so that you can be prepared for the treatment.

The Treatment Duration

cleanDuring the treatment duration, you should follow the instructions your dentist will give you. Failure to this, you will not get optimal results after the treatment. In-office treatments may be completed in less than an hour, but at home, treatments will take weeks or even months to yield the desired results.

The Surface of the Teeth

Most teeth whitening products may be valid only on natural teeth. Therefore, it is not advisable to attempt this on artificial materials like porcelain veneers and the likes. This is because they have thick calcium deposits and this makes it challenging to whiten the inner parts. Whitening kits will work better on thinner surfaces instead because it is easy to penetrate inside.