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Factors That can Lead to Obesity in Children

Obesity in children is a condition where a child has excess fats in the body. Their body weight is greater compared to their height. Consider checking the body mass index of your child. A child’s weight and height should be in healthy range. Many people confuse a child being overweight and obesity in a child. When a child is overweight, it doesn’t mean the child has obesity. It is important to see a doctor who will tell you if your child is obese or not. Obesity is associated with many diseases like diabetes, depression, social stigmatization among others. There are several combinations of factors that can lead to obesity in children. Some of the factors are,

Poor Diet

When a child eats food with high calorie like snacks, fast food, baked food, on a daily basis will make a child to add extra weight due to an addition of more fats in the body. Many children also like sugary food and beverages. Such food has low nutrients and is mostly associated with obesity. It is therefore advisable to reduce the intake of this food and do a well-balanced diet. Introduce well family patterns of eating. Also, consider giving your child a combination of the all five group of food to allow a well balancing in their body weight.

Lack of Exercising

Many children are fond of using media like television, cell phones, and video games in computer. They spend most of their time accessing this services while sited and this is an indicator that they only have limited time to play and they can rarely take part in any other physical activities. According to research, children who don’t exercise use less energy. Their body will accumulate fats and are likely to increase their weight leading to obesity. Encourage active play in your child. Introduce active program to support in their daily exercises.

Genetic Factors

The genetic factor is also known to contribute to obesity. Most obese parents are likely to have obese children. Their behavioral factors and environmental factors contribute largely to this. Some families are known to be obese. Others families have are poor in weight management. Children who come from such background will be faced too with obese. The chances also for these children to control their weight are low. Parents who have bad eating habits will eventually transfer them to their children. The child, therefore, inherits these behaviors and eventually ending up to be obese.

Sleeping Disorders

The other reason for childhood obesity is lack of sleep. When a child failed to sleep, certain hormones are e released by the stomach that encourages hunger. This will automatically make the child eat a lot. Too much eating will lead to weight gain that will eventually cause obesity in children. A child is allowed to have a good sleep that will encourage a healthy growth.


Obesity in children, therefore, requires attention from the parents to keep them in a safe environment, away from the risk factors associated with obesity. Take control of your surrounding and manage properly your diet to avoid obesity.